Client Feedback & Testimonials

All my clients are brilliant men and women, and I have had the privilege to work with people from all walks of life.
Below is just some of the feedback that I have received about my work, of which I am hugely proud:

Stacey Bastin-Northcott, Business Support Co-ordinator

"I honestly believe that if it wasn't for our coaching sessions I would not have handled this whole situation as well as I have so I am extremely grateful for your help and guidance.”

Maurice Akueme, MD at Mexol

Accountings Solution "Working with Gwen was an amazing experience. Results were achieved. I increased my client base in my business and I 'went for it' with enthusiasm.”

J Gyll, Human Resource Manager - UK

"I am feeling more calm and relaxed. I am not thinking as much and I now realise from our coaching sessions that I have great patience and communication skills at work and wish to use this effectively with loved ones at home.”

Marina Cantacuzino, Founder - The Forgiveness Project - UK

"Thanks in part to Gwen´s advice and support we are now working with London Probation to start a programme for victims of domestic violence. She is a resourceful, resilient and highly capable woman, as comfortable exploring the bigger picture as she is with helping individuals transform problems within their own lives.”

Sandra Barefoot, The Forgiveness Project - UK

“Gwen offered strategic advice and is someone I would invite within the future to work alongside in delivering a programme of work with this group."

Paulette R, Probation Officer - UK

"During a very difficult and emotional time, I had coaching sessions with Gwen. The sessions gave me a sense of purpose and direction, using her tools and techniques. I was propelled into moving towards my goals. I will be booking more sessions with Gwen and I would one hundred percent say to anyone that 'coaching sessions enables you to look at areas in your day to day life where change could reap positive rewards'.”

Malcolm B - Freelance Executive Consultant -UK

“Gwen approaches executive coaching with great sensitivity to her client needs. I have found her to be a grounding influence on my work and have benefitted from her astute insights and gentle guidance. She has a knack of helping me see the road ahead despite all the obstacles and releasing a renewed will to travel it, with excitement.”

Camilla - Stabel House Meditation - UK

“Gwen's style suited me perfectly: deeply intuitive but also practical and pragmatic. She helped me tap into my inner confidence and turn that into useful action. Gwen's support has seen me through the transition from being a full time, single employee to being a mother, and self employed business woman.

I highly recommend her. She has provided me with a sounding board where I can hear my own higher self talking back to me!”

“Freedom to Walk your Own Path” - Guest Speaker and CWG group member - Gwen Cover

Having just taken over the London CWG Meetup group I was keen to get CWG members to share their own stories. How their visions/dreams, once realised, eventually became a reality. The first person I asked to do this was Gwen. I was already inspired by our informal discussions about her ‘mid-life crisis’, her ‘rocky road mid-life adventure’ and eventually the creation of her life purpose and the birth of her ‘LIFE DESIGN SALON’.

Her interactive workshop on April 13th exceeded my hope and expectations. Her enthusiasm, dedication and determination are infectious. And it appears I was not the only person present, that day, who felt that way.

After the event itself a group of us, including new members retired to a local café for snacks and drinks. We were a larger group than usual which I think was a result of how comfortable people felt about Gwen’s workshop. The feedback I received was very positive: how much they had enjoyed Gwen’s talk, how engaged they were and how they wanted to be part of the group in the future. Success indeed and mostly due to Gwen.

The CWG Meetup website also collects feedback. As the website organiser I get to see that feedback. The people who made the effort to give their views all gave the event five stars. They made comments like they were really made to feel welcome; they loved doing things together; they felt energised and supported by Gwen; they loved the opportunity to meet and talk to new people. Some said they experienced growth; loved sharing a purpose, learning something new and seeing new possibilities.

I have requested Gwen to be my mentor on my own dream project. A recommendation indeed.

Jeannie Billington

Angela W - NLP Specialist and Webinar Host - UK

“When working with Gwen you can be sure you're in a safe pair of hands. She has a unique and gentle way of guiding people through their own experience of discovering untapped talents which is very refreshing and totally transformational both personally and professionally. During a recent conversation I had with Gwen she helped me realise where I come alive naturally and helped me focus my ideas in such a way that I could take them forwards and bring them into reality. I received total encouragement to be my curious quirky self.....thanks Gwen!”

Sue R - Indianapolis, USA

My clarity session with Gwen was the most empowering and helpful coaching around work, money, and business that I have ever received. If you are looking for a high-mileage, extremely impactful coach that helps you to see your own capabilities, Gwen is the perfect coach for you. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

I reached out to Gwen because I needed clarity around finding a job to support me as I am building my business.

I quit a very toxic job a year ago, but have been extremely hesitant to return to work because I was projecting the negativity from my last job onto any future employment that could come. However, the fear around money was blocking me in all aspects of my life, including my business, health, and relationships. I knew that I needed to change my perspective and make substantial inner shifts if I wanted to make ends meet, be happy, and enable my business to take off.

Gwen helped me to see my own blockages and create empowering solutions for myself.

Many times, fear, negative beliefs, and disempowering memories prevent us from ever accessing our core wisdom. As a person prone to high stress, I experience this a lot. Gwen quickly dissipated the fear I was feeling and helped me to get to the core of my challenges. She helped me to see that I had several beliefs around getting a job that were just not true. For instance:

(1)Prior to the session, I believed that the kind of job I was seeking was extremely hard to come by, and possibly did not exist. She pointed out to me that because I believed this so strongly, I did not even take action to find such a job!

(2) She guided me to realise that I was approaching my work from a place of fear rather than from a place of enthusiasm, confidence, and service. Because I had always been so scared of rejection, I landed a job that was a terrible fit for me, and took that because I did not believe I had other options. I saw that I was perpetuating that fear, which was keeping me stuck.

(3) Gwen showed me how to take the shame I was feeling from comparison and use it to guide me in a way that is empowering.

(4) Most importantly, prior to the session, I had the belief that I only had one chance to get the jobs I wanted, so I never took action. This also kept me from taking action in my business. She showed me that it was simply not true.

Gwen guided me to find my own truths. In the process, I was able to see that my blockages were self-imposed.

As a result of the session, I feel excited to approach my job search, and I do not feel weighed down by the fear of rejection. I am infinitely grateful for her help.

Marie L - Mauritius

“Gwen Cover helped me when I was at a crossroads in my life. Through her unique style of support and guidance with a healthy dose of honesty, she instilled the confidence and self belief I needed to steer me in the right direction and deal with the limited beliefs that I was holding on to that was stopping me from realising my true potential”.

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