Gwen Cover International Author, Professional & Personal Transition Coach
Create a Phenomenal Life In Your 40’S & 50’S

Create a Phenomenal Life In Your 40’S & 50’S

Stop delaying and START building your dream life today

Love Your Life Direction

Love Your Life Direction

Discover your passion, career and self-leadership

Celebrate the new you

Celebrate the new you

Glow with happiness, clarity and confidence

Hi, my name is Gwen, founder of the life Design Salon. Nice to meet you!

I work with Professional Women in their 40's, 50's and 60’s entering the new chapter in their life. I call this transition a midlife rocky road adventure! This is the perfect time to re-evaluate our lives, question what is important to us, pursue our goals and life plans.

Like you, my clients are motivated to use their assets (wisdom, experience, talents, skills, knowledge, and resilience) for a bright future ahead. Would you like to attract more opportunities, create a lifestyle that suits your personality and become a braver, joyful version of yourself? Well, we can help you do that!

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Success Stories

  • Gwen's style suited me perfectly: deeply intuitive but also practical and pragmatic. She helped me tap into my inner confidence and turn that into useful action. Gwen's support has seen me through the transition from being a full time, single employee to being a mother, and self employed business woman.

    I highly recommend her. She has provided me with a sounding board where I can hear my own higher self talking back to me!

    Camilla Stabel House Meditation - UK
  • Gwen Cover helped me when I was at a crossroads in my life. Through her unique style of support and guidance with a healthy dose of honesty, she instilled the confidence and self belief I needed to steer me in the right direction and deal with the limited beliefs that I was holding on to that was stopping me from realising my true potential.

    Marie L Mauritius

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